Eye exam

No work today. Not in an ” office setting” anyway.

I was in a lot of pain and my daughter has an eye exam.

One of the advantages of having a flexible schedule.

Anyway, turns out she is farsighted and like me has an astigmatism. I was fortunate to order three pairs of eyeglasses, including the exam and insurance for $110.

She was very excited about the process. Smiles..

I’m going to get my children out the door because today I’m going to work.

In my living room. Lol.


Forward or backwards

I used to sell Avon. It was a bittersweet experience. Sometimes, I miss it and think of going back. At other times, I feel I should try something new.

Often times you’ll hear that you should never go backwards. And often times it’s true. However, there are those times when going back may prove to be a good thing.

The thing is you’ll never really know unless you go back, right?

Is it worth the time?

I have a few things I’m working on including a book.

What are your thoughts?


I’ve decided to start taking MCT oil in my coffee. I’m not a real coffee lover. I tend to drink coffee more during the colder months or when Im in the mood.

I’ve been in the mood a lot lately. I’m drinking a cup a day and that’s a lot for me.

I added the MCT oil to help with fullness and weight management. I can honestly say it does help me to feel full a lot longer.

Another benefit is that I have more energy while working. Granted, I don’t work long hours but I’m a single Mom and I think nothing else needs to be written after that.. Smiles…

I’m looking for a business I can operate from home and on a part time basis.

Have any ideas? Anything that is working for you?

Chime in.


I’m having a time balancing my work life and my personal life.

I have a problem with organization. I’m getting better at it. Needs a bit of improvement.

I always have so many things I want to tackle and usually end of doing very little of anything.

I started a to do list. Everything on my short list are small tasks.

For the bigger things, I’ve started to dedicate at least 15 minutes every day on a particular task or goal. It may not seem like enough time but it helps me organize my day better and actually get something done without feeling overwhelmed.

It adds up sooner than you think.

What methods do you use to stay on task?

Let me know 🙂


I made it through two weeks of self paced study and two hours per day of instructor led class instruction as well as all of the assessment testing. Now, it’s time for live certification.

I want to run and hide. Why did I even sign up for this? I don’t do well over the phone with strangers.

The appeal is working from home and having the flexibility I seriously need so I have to gather some courage and get this done.

Wish me luck!

Oh, what do you do to calm your nerves that doesn’t involve alcohol… lol

Work from home journey

Hi, I’m Taylor. I really could not think of a better greeting. I’ll work on it, I promise!

Meanwhile, I’ll be writing about my experience thus far working from home with various companies. The good, the bad, yeah, you know the rest.

I want you to join forces with me and tell me what has been going on with you. What has your experience been like? Are you getting started or have you been at this for a while?

Feel free-within- reason to share your trials and tribulations.

Tomorrow, I’ll discuss how to deal with background noise and family members.

I hope to see you soon!