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Day off??

Today is an off day for me like a lot of people I imagine…

If you don’t know, I work from home. My office is a few feet from where I sleep.

My days off feel like work days in a way

I would like a separate work area with a door and a lock. A place I will only use or see when I’m actually working. This is a goal of mine.

On another note, I’ve finally read The Stranger by Harlan Coben. It was sitting on a shelve for quite some time now. I picked it up and could not put it down.

This version is in large print. My eyesight is worse than it’s ever been even with prescription eyeglasses and a strong prescription at that.

I’m going to do some cleaning now. Hope you’re enjoying your Sunday! 💜🌸


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Happy June

The first day of June and I went to my daughters parent teacher conference.

She’s doing so well and I’m so proud of her! I’m proud of all my children!

I have three sons, one is in college, one going into the eighth grade, one going to 10th grade and my daughter will be in the first grade when school resumes.

Today also marks the start of a new candle of the month for Labella baskets.

I’m loving being a consultant. It is addicting! I’m still working from home as an agent and I’ll be training for a new position from home on 6/14/…

My ultimate goal is to build a strong team with others that share the same drive and passion.

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Have an awesome weekend!


Labella radiance

Happy Thursday!

Im happy to announce an affordable skin care line for all skin types coming to Labella gift baskets!

I’ve spent a pretty penny on skin care lines over the years . Most of the time it ended up being a gross waste of money.

The skin care products that seemed to work were much too expensive to maintain. Labella radiance is effective and is affordable. The best of both worlds.

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Be well 💜🌸