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The benefits…


Beneifits of working from home vary if you’re working your own business or are employed through a company. Either way there are many benefits of working from home.

No special attire needed. Some work from home jobs require their employees to be on a webcam with clients and may ask you to wear a particular type of shirt. However, the majority of the time no one will see you. You can literally work in your pajamas!

No commute. Think of the money you’ll save on gas. No siting in traffic and dealing with crazy and rude drivers.

No wear and tear on your car which means fewer car repairs.

Flexibilty this is especially true if you’re running your own business or if you happen to be an consultant or anything along those lines. There are many direct sales companies where you can work a few hours a week until you make enough to quit your job. Start your business for $5

No childcare expenses You will save on child care payments and see your family more. You won’t have to worry if your children are being taken care of properly.

Save on food costs When you’re at home, you tend to eat at home. The opposite can be true when you work outside of your home. What ever you cooked last night can be today’s lunch which means less money spent on dining out.

Your the boss! No one telling you when to work, When to stop working or even how to work. You have the freedom to set your own hours. As a Labella consultant there are no contracts and no quotas to meet. Learn more about becoming a consultant here

Whether you’re employed, an independent contractor or running your own business. There are many Perks to working from home.

Win a gift basket! $100 value. Monthly drawings

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Summer school

I’m looking forward to not having to get three children ready for school throughout the week. I will enjoy no homework checks, school functions and all of that. I’m not looking forward to children eating me out of house and home and complaining of boredom.

I would like for them to have structured summer activities and just plain old fun.

Trying to balance a home based business, health problems and single parenthood is tricky but not impossible.

My second eldest has to go to Summer school. Math is his trouble and not applying himself is the biggest issue.

Every year we go through the same thing. It’s exhausting. A part of me says he can take the bus to and from and the other part doesn’t care for the area his school is located and I feel compelled to drop him off and get him afterwards.

Mind you this is a two hour class. He did get his permit this year so he can practice driving there and back.

I’m irritated that he didn’t try hard enough during the school year.

Not to mention I have many days of feeling very lousy. Which is part of the reason I work from home and I’m blogging. As well as working on a home based business.

I have to find a very affordable way to keep them entertained while retaining what was learned during school.

What are your plans for the Summer? What challenges are you facing if any?

Going to visit their Father’s family last week while we were visiting my Mom..