I’m in the process of moving which means the dreaded packing is upon me. Ugh!

It is very easy to feel overwhelmed.

Even more so when you’re severely disorganized and in pain most of the time.

Then there are three children running all around… Lol.

I decided to break everything down into categories and concentrate on one project until completion.

It really helped a lot.

I feel like this with a lot of things in my life.

I start to think of what I want and become frustrated with it and ultimately get stuck as the years pile up.

I’m not doing this any longer.

I’m going to break what I want down and put all I have into that one thing until COMPLETION. RINSE AND REPEAT.

This is another advantage of working from home.

I get to pack towels between my breaks.😍

Which reminds me, this break is over.

See you soon! 💜🌸


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